The Governor of Yunnan Nujiang, Mr. Li Wenhui visited CEEG Group

  • 2020-06-30
  • 12:00:00
  • Industry news

On the afternoon of August 7th, Mr. Li Wenhui, the governor of Nujiang,Yunnan, and the staffs from Nujiang stated govrnment,visited CEEG Group Corporation. Mr. Lu Tingxiu, Chairman of CEEG Group Corporation had a warmly welcome and accompanied the whole process of visiting.

Mr.Lu introduced the developing history of CEEG to Mr.Li and the staffs from Nujiang Government. He also analyzed the current development status and future trends of the current manufacturing industry, photovoltaic and transformer industry. Mr. Lian Junshan, Director of the CEEG administrative Office, introduced the current situation of CEEG’s photovoltaic manufacturing and layout of overseas manufacturing plants . At present, the photovoltaic industry is affected by the 5-31 policy, and the entire industry is in a wave of wailing. Many small and medium-sized enterprises are facing layoffs or suspension of production. Thanks to the advanced global layout, CEEG will have more time and opportunities.

Mr.Li said that CEEG was a long-established enterprise and has long-term cooperation with Nujiang State. He firmly believes that CEEG can play its own advantages in manufacturing and oversears pltant layout to reinvigorate and overcome the obstacles. At last, he saide that he would continue to cooperate with CEEG Group to achieve a win-win situation.

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