CSUN Launched Classic Super Black Panels

  • 2021-06-16
  • 12:00:00
  • Industry news

    Overwhelmed by the increasingly large panels in the market yet have no idea how to choose? Read our recommendations!

    For ground projects, the best choice is MONO 540W-CSUN540-144M, which performed the best cost per kilowatt-hour;

    For rooftop projects, the 120 series modules are more suitable, which not only meet your energy needs, but also show a better-looking appearance.

    CSUN classic super black series, dream product is back!

    In terms of power, we offer CSUN370-120M with high efficiency and CSUN340-120M with lower as an alternative; while visually, this series is even darker than the previous full-black panels;

    CSUN classic super black series, higher cost/performance rate with upgraded appearance. Deserve to be installed on your roof.

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